I hereby fully consent to the collection, storage and use of my personal data, which is freely submitted, for the following purpose only:

• Enquiries regarding booking/ general information as agreed with Runswick Bay on this day.

i. I understand that I may withdraw my consent at any time by requesting that withdrawal to this office in writing, or via email to Runswick Bay and that my request will be acted upon within one month of my making such a request.

ii. I understand and agree that third party organisations may receive my data and that Runswick Bay will only submit required personal data for attaining quotes for products/ services that I have enquired about that may need to be outsourced or purchased to fulfil an order/ quote/ for any other reason deemed necessary to meet customer expectations

iii. I understand that Runswick Bay shall inform me of any third parties, that may process my information prior to submitting that data and that the company will not submit my data without first obtaining my consent.

iv. I have read and understood the Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions regarding the obtaining, storage and processing of my personal data.